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About Us

Our Approach

Gyro4Biz puts its main focus on companies that have innovative ideas or technology and a dynamic approach, combined with clear values around ethics and people. 

We propose a pragmatic approach, that is based upon our own experience in companies that grew and with multinational dimensions. 

Gyro4Biz operates across all of Belgium-Luxembourg and can provide services in Dutch, French or English. We undertake international short-term assignments if that is a requirement of our clients.

Our services are offered as Active Advisor, Full- or Part-time Management (for long-term or short-term), traditional Consulting and/or as member of Advisory-board.

 Or as I call it : CEO Sparring-Partner


Attention for Stakeholder Value

Any Company is expected to deliver value to the stakeholders. 

This can mean: profit for the shareholders, a good working environment, challenging and rewarding jobs, socially responsible behaviour, reliable partner for customers…

As CEO or Senior Management it is a daunting but fascinating job to make this reality.

Meet the Founder

Paul De Decker is an experienced Executive and "on-the-job" coach, combining experience and expertise in Senior National and International Executive Management positions (including CEO) AND the experience of assisting SMEs !


He is an expert in helping CEO's building their teams into leadership teams that use emotional intelligence, management tools and clear vision & goals.

Depending on the needs, his help could cover several areas:

- Being soundboard to spawn ideas, streamline and structure thoughts to come to a workable businessmodel with clear segmentation, value propositions and organisational needs.


- Assist in driving the execution: bringing the ideas and models to reality, structuring sales, managing the change program, coaching managers, helping to build strategic account plans, fitting the CRM to the business needs. While remaining the soundboard...


Paul De Decker

Founder & CEO

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Recent Cases

Taking management teams of a large international company to true leadership by coaching, advising and building their “team operating system”
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