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Executive Coach -
Sparring Partner

Gyro4Biz assists, guides and advises executive management to turn the full potential of their company and its people into long term results.

We offer various services, from assistance in the development of Business Models, Strategies and Execution plans, to individual coaching / mentoring of senior managers.

Our Services

Our Services

We offer our services on various important aspects for companies across all industries and geographies.

All services are preceded by a meeting where the desired (and needed) outcome will be determined.

This will help define the approach / methods, the priorities and the required actions.

& Business Model

Let us be the soundboard to spawn ideas, streamline and structure thoughts to come to a workable businessmodel.


Turn your team into a leadership team that uses emotional intelligence and management skills to realise a clear vision and goals.

Organisational Set Up & Review

We assist you in shaping the most efficient organisation, both from a process and people perspective.


Non-biased information can be a great added value. We offer assistance, advise and expertise to enterprises from all sectors and maturity levels.

Something Else
In Mind?

Let's have a chat !

We adapt ourselves to your needs and have a powerful partnership network should knowledge in a specific domain be required.



“Without Paul, I would have never been able to become the manager I am now.
In only a few meetings, I learned more as a person and as a manager in 6 months than I did with various training in multiple years.”

Country Manager

International Large Tech Company

Ready to find out more?

Websites can only give a summary and not the answers to all question.

Contact us for a FREE initial meeting now to know more about what Gyro4Biz can bring as value to your company.

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