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Communication must be improved ... and all will be fixed.

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

After the past period of homeworking and the return to office-based work, many companies will want to mark this as a "new start". Boost morale and business. A new "elan" !

Many will do nice workshops with external facilitators and participation from employees to list the areas of possible improvements and actionplans with due dates and names.

Good Stuff.


Based on my years as manager and now as coach / advisor working with managers, I have learned that the outcome too often is predictable.

What will it look like ?

Workshop outcome : Areas for Improvement

1 - Communication needs to improve, both internally and externally.

Between departments

From Management to rest of organisation

To customers because they "don't understand"

2 - We must make it easier to work together

Information doesn't flow and we waste time because others don't follow our processes

3 - We need training in TimeManagement

We can't get the things done that we are asked to do

Workshop outcome : Actionplans

1 - Improve Communication

  • Make posters, newsletters to clarify our mission etc. to our employees (mission likely looks like "be the preferred supplier / partner for our customers") Responsible persons : HR and Marketing

  • Email etiquette : dos and don'ts ... (email for dummies is handy)

  • Regular updates by management (followed by a drink to get to know each other better)

2 - Publish the processes (department by department)

  • Re-issue the ISO documentation or make it

  • Setup workshops to improve ... starting with extensive / expensive "document current situation"

  • Owner : Operations

3 - Provide Training in TimeManagement : with the following "actionable lessons"

  • Beginning of the day : make a list of to-dos

  • Make 1 part of your day : "do not disturb" so you can work on that list (everybody needs to leave alone)

  • Owner : HR

Looks familiar ?

Why will this not work ?

The topics are not wrong at all.

The problem is that the actions don't take into account that people work & think in different ways.

Can you fix this ?


Based on years of experience as a manager and now as a coach / advisor, I know it can be done differently. And have more lasting impact.

Interested ?

Easy action : use the contact form and I'll contact you to set up an initial discussion.

Talk to you soon,


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