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Don't walk alone.

🏖 It’s easy to manage when business is booming.

All it takes is some spreadsheets and a couple of bonuses to keep people satisfied.

Or leave people to decide what to do and how to do it, put some extra ping-pong tables and an expensive espresso-machine. And hope the money doesn’t run out.

They’re not always happy. But the damage remains hidden…

🌊When business becomes uncertain, that style of management is not adequate.

🥷Neither is a warrior-style “command-and-control”, although that appeals to some… “it get’s things done”.

🌪Today we’re in a VUCA or TUNA world or simple said : everything changes and you can’t be sure of anything.

There really is no time to have cosy discussion groups.

And you can't pretend to doubt (really ?) or to take a wrong road.

🛶When the boat is making water (sinking) you need to take whatever you have to plug the hole, probably without asking permission.

Even if it is the favourite sweater of somebody.

That is action-oriented, yes. And it's ok.

However, it is HOW you do it that makes the difference between “leadership” and “bully”.

A lot of “leadership” posts talk about “empathy”, “honest” , integrity , compassion…

How will that help you to get results or avoid sinking ?

And furthermore : what does it all mean ?

🧰 In the last couple of years I have worked with experienced managers on their leadership and also on practical “management tools”.

Done quite a lot of interviews with people who work with them.

And I’ll just give 1 example :

“Do you like honest and direct feedback ?”

Of course, we all want that.

As we all want “recognition” and “appreciation”.

When I then discuss WHAT direct feedback means, the differences are clear : for some direct should be “that was rubbish” 🥊… for some certainly not “the result was disappointing” 😢…

Some need clear guidelines, others high-level goals cause they’ll figure it out (and sometimes get bad scores because it was “not as intended”).

Complicated ?

Not really.

Can you figure it out on your own ?

No. Because we all see the world through our filters. But feel free to try.

Do you really need a coach - mentor - sparringpartner ?

Yes. Somebody who holds the mirror and offers you guidance and explanations.

And to whom you can say "I'm not sure" and then helps you to find the road to take.

Do you need a therapist then ?

No. Better to have somebody who understands business, pressure and has lead teams.

So who are you calling to call ?

Not Ghostbusters.

Just call Gyro4Biz 😉

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